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The Music Box

                Applause thundered from the concert hall as Saotomé Golán finished the closing note on his fifth symphony. According to him, it would be his last. Just days before this final performance, he sent out a press release stating that he would no longer be composing music as he wanted to spend the last few… Continue Reading →

Teaser for “The Music Box”

Saotomé Golán is a musician with a reputation for flair. Upon his death, he leaves a tiny music box for his husband and youngest son. What happens next leaves them questioning everything they thought they knew.

The Itch

                The heat permeated the small studio apartment as the humid air swallowed Sharad. Under normal circumstances, sleep came to him easily. On this night however, he struggled to attain it. Sharad had a big promotion interview scheduled for the next morning and the nerves had finally sunken in. He was unsure if he was… Continue Reading →

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