The Siren

Jessica Ferretti sat quietly at the dinner table with her husband Shawn. They had arrived at le Vrai to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. They normally hosted a big party, but this year, they decided to do something a bit more lowkey. Shawn had grown tired of her months long planning for the past 13... Continue Reading →

The Azzuro

                That old building on the corner had seen a lot. It served for over 50 years as a beacon of hope and refuge to some of Azuretown’s most hopeless residents. Sure, it was run down, and more than a little dilapidated, but, when someone was down on their luck for some reason or another,... Continue Reading →


180 days. It had been 180 days since the quarantine went into effect and finally, it was lifted. The virus that had devastated the country had finally gotten to a manageable level and people were slowly starting to step foot outside. The state had been locked down due to a novel coronavirus outbreak. Few had... Continue Reading →


                “Alright, just a few more tweaks, and done,” Lucius said to himself. He was only ten and already he had built his first time machine. He was only slightly above most kids his age, (most kids only built their first one at 12), and he was always told by his parents how proud they... Continue Reading →

For Jimmy

“They’re out there,” he told me. “Fields and fields of them. As far as the eye can see.” I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. He pointed to the horizon, and I looked, but all I could see was the wilted stalks of wheat, the result of the weeks of the neglect the farm... Continue Reading →


The TV flashed with several attention grabbing headlines, and Ian watched with fervor as they discussed which celebrities just got divorced, those that had just gotten movie deals and the ones who had just committed their latest gaffe. It was his daily routine, and something his wife Brooke just didn’t understand. She’d tried to get... Continue Reading →

The Contract

Kraig sat on the rooftop. His sniper rifle aimed directly at the window of room 1505 at the Jeanette Hotel. He had been waiting there for 8 hours, only taking his eyes off the window to relieve himself. Kraig wasn’t sure why they had picked him for this mission, he was nowhere near as good... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Blunder

                It was the discovery of the century, a pair of Alien babies had been discovered off the coast of South America and from the looks of it, they were very fragile things not capable of surviving even the slightest fall. For this reason, they were put into the care of Dr. Tony Mars. He... Continue Reading →

Gamer Built

“6’6”, 245, musclebound,” the doctor said. “Seems you’re ready.” Andrew stepped off the scale and looked at the doctor. The New Orleans CyberStalkers will be lucky to have you. “Yeah, I’ll bet,” Andrew said. He grabbed his shirt and stretched it over his wide frame. “Don’t look so down Andrew. You’ll be making millions in... Continue Reading →

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